The Digital Squire At your service, my liege

Well met,

Knight of Industry

Tired must you be from traversing the digital realm - observing the majesty of your product, dispensing bounties to salespeople, and collecting the tithings of thy customers.

Be at ease, for I have set our camp for the night. Rest by the warm fire, enjoy the poached pheasant, and regale me with tales of your business, for I have many questions, and I seek many answers in order to aid thee properly.

On the morrow, thy noble quest shall begin at dawn - where I shall deliver thee profits and increased notoriety.


The Squire's Tale

Many years ago, I began my training as a Digital Page, grooming banner ads for Atlantic Records and mucking out the stables of broken code for Frank's Red Hot. It kept me fed and clothed, which was all a boy could hope for. I served Lord and Lady, Knight and Dame, Agency and Client, regardless of allegiance. Their Game of Thrones was far beyond my station.

One cool summer's day, I chanced upon a mighty wizard (CTO) who explained to me the various treasures to be found within our realm. His intelligence and wisdom were unquestionable, so studied was he in internet lore.

When his lessons ended, he bade me well, knowing that new and glorious adventures were upon me. For I had gained 14 years of (digital) experience, the proper age for a Page to mature into a Squire.

"Working with The Digital Squire was a great process, he is easy to communicate with, works fast, and the end product achieved our goals. He explains the process well and always answered my questions. I’d gladly recommend him."

The Squire's Services

Skilled in arms and matters of the table, I can perform all manner of digital athletics, from coding to writing copy. As such I have separated my services into errands and quests to help you decide which is right for you.


Digital errands are just small tasks that can be completed with minimal input from you. Tasks that fix problems that your business, website, or product is having.


So, you wish to embark on a quest. I will accompany you from start to finish, incorporating every aspect (that you need) from our errand list. Our A.S.C.O.T. service will leave you buttoned up and ready to wage digital war on your competitors.

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